Dear Path Not Trodden

Dear path not trodden,
you wind tentacles of possibility,
Nucleus, axon,
Reaching into unknowable
More weft and weave than
Yet occasionally sharp;
Sometimes a déjà-vu
Of a shadow
Of a broken bicycle which,
Though never seen,
Is known to have been red;
Dear possibility,
So effervescent, you
Pop and fizz with minute precision,
How does one decide?
And where is the red
The was never won
At that fair never attended
By the girl never born
Crackles with life somewhere.

1sagefemme © All rights reserved 2015

3 thoughts on “Dear Path Not Trodden

  1. I’ll tell ya, and I speak for myself as well here… people get lazy with ‘like’ buttons and when one can only comment it’s a freeze out sometimes. However, there is no reason to the madness that great poems should have no acknowledgement. I give this and many of your poems 100 Likes 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tammy! I’m not in this for the “likes” anyway. Sometimes I feel like it’s just a form or meditation, amusement or therapy for me. I find that a couple of poems I don’t like all that much, but pressed “publish” anyway, get the most attention. I haven’t had time to read or post anything lately, so I apologize if I haven’t visited your site in a while:)

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      1. Well I understand that. I made a tongue in cheek website about the ‘like’ button called 20BelowClub because it’s just not a reliable measure anyway. It’s often used for mutual support in some respects.

        And please don’t feel obligated to visit my site. I believe you, like myself, enjoys when the opportunity feels lively and free!

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