Rose Coloured Glasses

What do you see in this floral frock;
A faded rose; a weathered rock?
Are you scanning my veiny, reddened face,
My random grays and expanding waist?

Or do you see my wizened soul,
My passion and joy and mind so bold
As to glamour you with my pendulum hips
And tender caresses and witty quips.

Through these eyes of greenish haze,
I will fix you with an admiring gaze,
And see not your lumps and bumps and rolls,
But linger on your awesome whole –

The bounce in your step, your handsome face,
Your sideways grin, your excellent taste,
The way your fingers graze my neck,
Leading your lips, oh, what the heck!

My flesh will hum a sensual song,
Of longing and passion; you can do no wrong.
I am not an ingénue,
And my sinuous body will sing for you.

What do you see in this floral dress;
A sexy grin and bouncy ass?
Are you scanning my lovely, porcelain face,
My pixie hair and supple waist?

Oh, see me, my lover, through lover’s eyes
Though they may feed you little lies,
And I will see you in your purest glory,
And feed upon your whole life story.

You will taste the ocean in my kiss,
For I am all now; you can’t resist.
I will take you into my molten core,
And give you the gift of love once more.

And you and I will defy Time’s law,
And be hard and soft and sweet and raw.
And give and take and share our souls,
And know that each of us is whole.

1sagefemme  all rights reserved 2014

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