Phantom performer
Stalks off a dream stage to grip my hand;
Cool sweat trickles down my back,
Vellus hairs rise,
Eyes meet…
I have been waiting for you.
Have you been waiting for me?
I am still waiting in that dream
Pre-seeing a lie
Not yet knowing
Foresight is the most cursed gift
If I could send my own
Vardøger back
I would slap myself silly,
Wake up! Wake up!
She is a phantom
Of a dream
Of a lie
As real as disappointment.

1Sagefemme All Rights reserved 2016

*Vardøger is a Scandinavian concept for sensing a person before the person appears. For example, you might hear  your Grandmother arrive in the hall and stomp her boots, then she actually arrives five minutes later…It is a kind of premonition.

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