Third Date: The Bartender (wherein I prove that I really am that easy)

I decided to add a chapter to my online dating saga on my mostly forsaken other blog, if you’d like to check it out.


Looking back from the lofty vantage point of hindsight, this date was doomed from the start. First of all, Syd was everything I find hot in a woman. Although she wasn’t taller than me (and really, that was an unrealistic goal), she was strong, chiseled, had perfect post-Beiber hair, exquisite fashion sense, and was pretty close to my age.

We met at a romantic restaurant of her choosing after speaking on the phone a couple of times. She told me, with no small degree of machismo, that she wanted to be in charge of planning the evening, and treat me “like a lady should be treated.” I know, I know, but that’s what you get when you’re into forty-something masculine identified women! Anyway, I thought it was sexy at the time.

Fast forward to a Friday night in winter. I was on-call. My kids were with their other mom that…

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2 thoughts on “Third Date: The Bartender (wherein I prove that I really am that easy)

  1. Well that sucked eh? lol Sorry. It’s really hard to be in the dating world and when I was I hated it. Dating my partner is different. I remember taking her shoe shopping for the first time and placing the heel on her foot to try on. It was natural, everything. But I messed up on dates badly lol. But she would laugh with me ( not at me) when the cracked piece of lobster tail flew in the lady’s hair at the next table or trip over the curb. Finding someone to laugh with is beautiful. That was the thing that always drew me in and that has kept our crazy moments from pure insanity.

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