Fragile Lover

I met a narcissist in her natural habitat
an audience for her wit and charm
unheeding the warning
glaring neon above her head
blinded by big white teeth,
wanting only to kiss her
to bask in her glorious smile,
to be her captive

until the show turned dark
she had my heart
but wasn’t sure after all
if I was young enough
or pretty enough
to introduce to her friends

and I learned
that complements can mask
that the ebullient Insta-ego
recording, snapchatting,
seeking likes
the most fragile kind of lover

who can simultaneously admire
and despise you
not seeing humanity,
but one’s service
to her self-esteem
damaged way back
when attachments first failed
and love never grew
and that maternal bond

so here I am
the finder of broken things
having learned to turn
and walk away
my worth not defined
by a disrespectful tomboy
with a snappy suit,
a hundred silk ties
and a terrible eighties haircut

1sagefemme All Rights Reserved 2016

Oh, I love you!

Oh, I love you!
Yes I do,
Every plane and curve
Of you

Your forehead, eyebrows,
Nose and lips
Your blue-green eyes
And solid hips
Your beating heart
Your mind, your soul
Your crazy wit
Your freckled moles

I searched for you
Through webs of lies
Through insects, spiders,
Worms and flies
Until that snapshot
Captured me
Your calling card
Adrift at sea
I messaged you
You messaged me
We met for lunch
And poetry

Then my thoughtful,
Goofy one,
You stole my heart
And now I’m done
You’ve burdened me
With new love’s curse
To spew out endless
Rhyming verse.

1Sagefemme All Rights Reserved 2016