Oh, I love you!

Oh, I love you!
Yes I do,
Every plane and curve
Of you

Your forehead, eyebrows,
Nose and lips
Your blue-green eyes
And solid hips
Your beating heart
Your mind, your soul
Your crazy wit
Your freckled moles

I searched for you
Through webs of lies
Through insects, spiders,
Worms and flies
Until that snapshot
Captured me
Your calling card
Adrift at sea
I messaged you
You messaged me
We met for lunch
And poetry

Then my thoughtful,
Goofy one,
You stole my heart
And now I’m done
You’ve burdened me
With new love’s curse
To spew out endless
Rhyming verse.

1Sagefemme All Rights Reserved 2016

Top Surgery

The breasts are gone.
Are you reborn?
Stronger, leaner, more confident?
Stripped of the mammalian reminders
Of paths untrodden.
Your breasts;
Full and heavy,
The hot weight your soul
Now you are free
And as I loved your breasts,
I will love your new chest,
Cannot wait for you to heal
And hold me tightly,
Closer to your heart
Than ever.
You are my love,
In any body
And finding you now,
After my long and winding journey
Fills me with gratitude.
Wake up and let me kiss you
And cry with relief.


All Rights reserved 2016

For my Shay

Here is my heart beating rhythmic lub-dubs,
edges smeared and blurry,
misused, free;
Here is my strength flowing wave-like through veins knotted and curled,
animating this blood and bone likeness
of me;
Here is my soul
ill contained by flesh
reaching for you;
Here is my passion,
screaming laughing weeping wanting aching
Here is my love
imperfect and human,
warm, tender,
kisses on closed eyelids,
whispers in the dark,
steeped in emotion,
I love you.

1sagefemme © All rights reserved 2015