Bacon Fingers

There was a piece of gristle stuck in her teeth
She picked at with that chipped fingernail
Three purple fingers and a purple thumb,
one pink ring finger blinking insanity
Sheep to the slaughter
Give me a

Just paint them all beige
Like that joke about the Sistine Chapel
Use a roller.
If you want art,
Rip the stoppers off and have at it
Make them sparkly and chunklish

The gristle would have been endearing
But she was vegan six months ago
Indicted now by pig fat
For the hypocrite we all are
As it finally slides free of bleeding gums
And is swallowed with a side of purple polish.

She laughs;
Palin-like cackling,
“Can I get a hallelujah!”
Furtive glances,
Hand brushing back imitation dreads,
“I mean, Namaste.”

She licks her bacon-flavoured fingertips
Showing off silver rings
And that tree tattoo with birds scattering
Up sun-kisses arm
Tanned from volunteering in Thailand last month
Playing with orphaned elephants, monkeys, puppies…
She has a good heart
And perfect eyebrows.


1sagefemme © All rights reserved 2016


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