Not so simple

I drew a border
line around her
a boundary first in sand
then soil
and finally granite
boundaries blocking all
of necessity,
I confined her
in black and white
flat borders
lined in pen
my heart aches
to create a troupe l’oeil
even if depth
is only
she was always a lie,
my borderline

1SageFemme All Rights Reserved 2016

2 thoughts on “Not so simple

  1. I love this part especially: “my heart aches/ to create a trompe l’oeil/ even if depth/ is only/ illusion” …as image it works so well with all of the other building and drawing and creatiing, both before and after, and as emotion it is just so heart-rending. (sigh. relationships are so dang hard. At least they sometimes inspire veryfine poetry, case in point : )

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